A preliminary assessment of the Citadel Highway in Kronstadt
In order to assess the outcomes of the projected Citadel Highway in Kronstadt, a macro model of the city in MATSim was created.
To assess transport accessibility in the city, the Accessibility module was used. According to this approach, agents plan their routes to each point of attraction. Then, based on the anticipated travel time, transport accessibility values of the objects are calculated. The results show that transport accessibility of jobs and social security facilities after the construction of the Citadel Highway will be increased.

Change in transport accessibility of jobs for individual car users
Nevertheless, low predicted intensity on the Citadel highway indicates the lack of demand for this road nowadays.
Redistribution of traffic flows with the Citadel highway
The project also included an analysis of noise pollution caused by the highway. There was a slight increase in noise pollution at the St. Petersburg Ring Road due to the increase in the total traffic flow. However, a significant increase in noise pollution is projected along the Citadel highway, since now there is no flow in this place, and the territory is used exclusively for recreational purposes.
Change in noise pollution
Considering low predicted intensity and expected costs, we can conclude that there is no need to build a new highway in Kronstadt in the near future.
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